Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I have Moved. This is for Bloglovin purposes.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What's New at Life After 5

I love to stay connected through my blog and through social media. As I grow this little project of mine I have been adding a lot more to the pages and have made a few executive decisions on important aspects of my site. 

So what's new?

Social Media 
-I have a Pinterest page and a new board for collaboration. Email me if you would like to join.  

-I have a YouTube channel and am still working on my first video. 

-I have updated my LinkedIn (and would love to connect with you!). Button is being installed today!
-I will be switching how often I post, only posting once or twice a week. In return I am hoping to post longer and higher quality posts. 

- I will be switching over to Square Space. It is taking me a bit of time to get the hang of setting it up, but I like the look of the posts and layout. 

- I will not be offering sponsorship and the author sidebar. I don't like the overall feeling of cluttering my sidebar. I will still be taking on guest posts and welcome anyone who would like to contribute to Life After 5. You will get your own special signature at the end of each post rather than, a sidebar button. 

- I will be offering a button swap page instead of the side bars! I still want to support other bloggers of all types, so if you would like to be featured on the page, or just want to swap buttons, shoot me an email. (For those who have already sent stuff through Passionfruit, I will be reaching out.) 

- My very own Domain. With SquareSpace, I will be getting my very own URL.

It will all be a slow transition over, but I know that it will only make Life After 5 a better, prettier little blog.

Now, on to another cup of coffee!

What would you like to see come out of this blog?  

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Irish Coffee Milkshakes

I am all about milkshakes, minus the whip cream, and what better way to make one then by adding a little booze to it? I am particular to Baileys and Kahlua myself, because they are the best and they work well with coffee. And I love coffee.  

1-2 scoops of Vanilla 
1-2 Scoops of Coffee (I used Ben & Jerry's because it had Heath Candy in it.)
1/4 cup Bailey's 
1/4 cup Kahlua 

Now if you want to cut down the alcohol, then subtract some of the booze and add milk or some iced coffee. I'll be honest, this one is pretty strong. *Takes Drink* Yep pretty strong. 

How to make: 
Add all ingredients to blender, take picture, blend, and pour. I added a bit more ice cream after the initial blend because it was a little runny for me. So blend and add as you please. 

I mean with a drink this simple, this is going to make week nights the easiest!

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Monday, April 6, 2015

How I Get Over Stress!

I will be the first to tell you that I have some stress filled days! They typically start with an M and are hated by everyone. But it has taken me quite a while to figure out how to deal with stress. Normally I would let it boil and then every once in a while it broke me down. On rare occasion I will still do that, but I have found some ways to calm myself down when I am worked up. 

Walk away. 
Sounds far too simple right? But walking away can actually be harder when you are worked up about something. You need to do it though! Take a minute to stop and go get a drink or take a walk. Either way, getting a moments break away will help you to stop and reevaluate what's going on. 

Take a nap.
I mean when doesn't a nap fix something? Even a really crappy nap can be effective, because you are not focusing on the stress, more like how much you want to go back to bed. So shut out the lights, grab a pillow, spray some Bath and Body Works lavender pillow spray, and zonk out for a nap. 
Work on something else. 
I find that if I can't figure something out, I will get to a stopping point and work on something I know I can do. Once I am done, I go back to my original project. If I don't do this then it consumes my entire day and I get nothing but that done. Sometimes it also helps get those light bulb moments to click. 

Ask someone for help or for their opinion.
Sometimes you just need a helping hand, and there is no shame in that! I like to ask my boss for help or go to a friend. It all depends on the situation. But sometimes you just need to talk it out with someone because two minds are always greater than one. 
Make a F*ck It playlist and jam out! 
If you ever catch me in my cubical or house dancing around, more than likely it's because I am trying to take myself out of a stressful situation. I just act goofy and have a mini dance party to some Nsync or Saving Ferris. It's like putting yourself in an instant happy mood. 

What do you do to get over stress? 

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Hump Day Blog Helpers!

Happy Hump Day! If you don't know, hump day is for confessions.

Making Melissa

I confess.. 

Today we are having a Cereal Bar at work so I am more than likely going to be running around all day. Which means sadly part of my email will be neglected until I get everything set up. But Cereal!
It was not originally my event, but when the sister you wish you always wanted asks you to help out, you rise to the occasion. (Watch out for a post about my cereal bar!) 

I still have not written my humor paper for my creative writing class because I have not felt very creative lately. But now I have to write and another paper that I have to check the syllabus for. 
Can I also just say that I do not like my Creative Writing teachers form of grading because I don't know if she has been receiving any of my emails, nor do I know what my actual grade is because she does not use the schools system. It is very frustrating! 

I keep checking out Elevate Everyday's blog and Facebook for more Elevated updates. I still have to book a hotel and get my car ready for the drive to Cali, but none of that matters yet. I still have to find a cute outfit and request the day off of work. 

I am so far behind on Life After 5's comments and emails. I promise you guys I will get caught up on them this week! Thank you for your patience, and thanks to all of you new followers! You guys are helping my grade out a ton!! 

I put 6 books in my amazon wish list today. I thought about buying them all too, but convinced myself not to until I finished reading one. I think I am lying to myself about the amount of will power I truly have. 

All of my plants at the office are dead. They were doing so well and then BAM! They all died. Except for Fern, the not an actual fern but I still call her that, in my bosses office that I am surprisingly keep her alive. 

I need to go to happy hour after the first part of this week happened. And by happy hour I secretly mean all of the margaritas with chips and salsa! 

It took me 3 different times to edit this post because blogger hates me and converted everything to not the way I wanted it. 

Lastly, if you didn't catch it in the title of the post, I need your help! I have to do my very first Vlog and I have no clue what to do it on! Should I do a Q&A? A review on a product or show? Make a recipe? There are so many options that I just have no clue! Are their any experienced vloggers that can help a girl out?
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Monday, March 23, 2015

12 Things I Learned From This Weekend

1.) Having 2 weeks to do homework is not helpful because I still wait until the last possible second to do anything. 

2.) If I don't go through my bloglovin feed for four days, I end up with 789 unread posts. 

3.) Google is will be doing away with Google+ and splitting it into a few different aspects. I've just now gotten a little further into Google+ now, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. 

4.) I really hate talking on the phone. I knew that it wasn't my favorite form of communication, but I feel like I am too impatient for it.

5.) I cannot grow plants. I just can't! My seedlings that were sprouting died and I think that my Chia seeds grew mold and are killing my succulents. I am hopeless in the way of green thumbs.

6.) One must have ninja like focus when trying to write while drunk. Or else they will end up like me who gets distracted when buzzed. Which did not help with the production of number one. 

7.) Although it is 85 degrees, walking around a parking lot for an hour trying to find your car will make it feel like 98 degrees. It was a big parking lot. 

8.) My friends now understand my need to be punctual and early to things, but only 1/4 of them actually make the effort to do so. 

9.) You can use an inhaler on a dog. I have yet to experience how this whole process works, but I get to learn how to use it tonight. 

10.) Sitting on a sued couch while one is suffering a sunburn is unbearable. It's like your body does not cool down. 

11.) The Turkey legs that are consumed at the Renaissance Festival not only smell like ham/bacon but they are the size of your head! Really only one should be consumed between 3 people. 

12.) When given a chance to actually be a productive human or watch all of the Disney Princess movies on ABC Family, I choose the Princesses. And I may or may not have watched The Little Mermaid twice, because I am an adult and do what I want.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend! If I am scarce on the blog this week I apologize in advance! I am helping to photograph a wedding this weekend. I have no idea what I am doing so that should be fun. But I am also helping with the set up for the reception, I helped with pinching dozens of decals in the invitations, and directed the bride where to get her cakes/cupcakes. Should I start a new career path here? Also I am off to another house sitting job and my mom is in town for said wedding!

I may just post because of the craziness! 

And to end it a song I am in love with this week to start yours off right! Enjoy!
Someone New by Hozier on Grooveshark

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Around My City: Gadzooks Enchiladas & Soups

This week, despite my spending freeze, I decided that I really needed to get out of the office and take a lunch. It took me a minute or two of playing back and forth on what I wanted because despite the amazing (and pricey) restaurants around my office, I normally get fast food because it is quick and easy. 

Well I am glad I stayed away from it! Because I found the best place ever. Dare I say, that it is even better than Chipotle. Welcome to Gadzooks, where they serve happiness in enchilada and taco form! 

You start off a lot like you do at Chipotle, picking your main course. I picked the two enchilada which were more than enough! The best part was the fresh tortillas! Lord knows I love tortillas but please take a moment to understand the fact that they were cooking them from dough! Lord have meerrccyyy! 

Back to the process, you pick your meet or vegan/vegetarian options, I chose the Roasted Tomatillo Chicken and the Green Chile Pork. Then you choose your sauce! Red, Green, or Christmas tree style (both). Again I picked both because one can never have enough options when it comes to enchiladas. They add your cheeses and then put it int the fiery oven to let it all melt together. 

Skip down to the rest of your options, add your salsa, sauces, guac, and other miscellanous toppings. What ever you want they will add it, but always add the guac (only $1 extra). 

For mine I added the Slaw, guac, pico de gallo, and sour cream.

My coworker put green chile salsa, a jalapeno ranch dressing, sour cream, guac, and a fried egg on hers. I have never heard of getting fried eggs on enchiladas, but apparently I should. 

Overall I would give this place 2 really big thumbs up! There are a ton of choices for anyone, and there is the right amount of spice. Plus all of the food is really fresh, so rich and delicious. 

If you have a chance to go to Gadzooks Enchiladas & Soups I would definitely recommend it! 

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